Galaxy S20 Ultra Review: $1,400 of Near Phone Perfection


This is also the reason why the Samsung Galaxy S20 Is Too Damn Expensive S23 series will not use Exynos chipsets. It is also reported that the high-end Exynos chips will return in 2025, when their battery and heating problems have been resolved. Agree with all of your points and with the conclusion that androids top iphone in many categories. There’s probably a reason Samsung has sold more phones this year. In my case I used to download several apps for essential options while Iphone HAS THEM INTEGRATED YET.

  • I still use it as my phone, although I carry an Anker portable power brick with me everywhere.
  • You said “iOS is beautiful in every way, and since it’s perfect, there really isn’t any need to customize the way the home screen looks and operates”.
  • So, with all of that in mind and your own opinion, is the Galaxy S20’s price too high?
  • Size and an innate unwieldiness are this phone’s biggest weaknesses.
  • All you need to do is set it to 4K at 60fps and sit back and enjoy.

But for some, price doesn’t mean as much as what you can do with a phone. And the Galaxy S20 Ultra enables you to do a whole lot. It’s Samsung’s best Android phone, and what it’s capable of is impressive. This review is applicable to anyone using the Galaxy S20 Ultra on any carrier in the world. But with expanding 5G networks, the combination of which carrier you’re on and where you live can make a big difference in your phone experience.

Google Pixel 7

Of course iMessage doesn’t have this issue but until RCS support comes to more Android’s we’re out of luck unless your a Pixel user. Last thing I miss about my iPX is iPhones have better music hardware like the Digital-audio-converter this makes iPhones louder through all bluetooth/wireless/wired headphones and speakers. My Note 9 sounds like crap though spotify vs iPhone on the same app lol. To complete my rant I love both phones/company’s even with there +&-. Just use what suit your needs people and quit arguring about which is better because at the end of the day all our phones will be outdated with in a year. The specifications are certainly interesting.

The phone supports 5G from AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless. When tested with a Verizon SIM card, we found 5G performance to be barely better than LTE 4G, at least on Big Red’s mid-band 5G. We weren’t able to find mmWave 5G to test speeds there, which should be much faster. Since the time of publishing, Verizon’s mmWave is a bit more available, and T-Mobile’s mid-band 5G is significantly more available. We tested the phone more recently and found that it did a much better job with respect to 5G performant. The selfie camera is a 40MP job that bins down to 10MP.

Does the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G cost too much?

Sure, hardware is everything, but the operating system can make it into a retard. Anyway, I appreciate the comment, it’s always nice hearing other points of view! I totally agree with this article that you can get more customization on android. Although all this wants to make me change my perspective on the iPhone, I’m sorry, I can’t. IPhone is a lot more awesome and sleek than any android.

Why is the Samsung S20 so good?

Thanks to its 6.2-inch display, the S20 is easy to use with one hand, and yet this compact device packs quite a punch. However, the price is not small at $999. Just like its bigger and even pricier brothers, the Galaxy S20 gives you a fluid 120Hz display, powerful new camera system with improved zoom and 5G speeds.

We’ll keep you posted on local prices, the usual preorder goodies and other details when we get them from Samsung Malaysia. The Galaxy S20 series pre-order has been extended until 1 March 2020 so if you want a piece of that, you can visit the pre-order page right here. Also, what do you think about the Galaxy S20 Ultra Space Zoom? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for our review in the near future at. The NexDock allows your Samsung Galaxy smartphone to power a laptop style device.